Horizon 2020

Our team assists you in leveraging the access to a variety of funding instruments provided by the European Commission, such as Horizon 2020 and SME instrument. We manage the whole application process from the proposal drafting and creation to its verification on the success-fee basis with no upfront fees.

  • Project management

In order to ensure an efficient workflow at every stage of the proposal creation, any collaboration with our clients start with a project management map, which clearly outlines the the missions to be accomplished, the information resources, as well as the timeline. A clear and agile project management approach enables us to collaborate with our clients in an effective and productive way.

  • Technological landscape

Our experts will help you build the full picture of the technological state-of-the-art for your specific case.

  • Business planning

One of the crucial parts of the proposal creation is the business planning part, which includes the preparation of a sound commercialization strategy for your company’s product.  Our team will take care of this task and will make sure, that your business plan is of outstanding quality.

  • Market analysis

We provide our customers with a full-fledged market-analysis, which is comprised of the analytics of the target markets and the prospective customers: the market size, the market trends, as well as the market opportunities and threats, the structure of the market demand, and evaluation of the prospective customers.

  • Networking

Depending on your business strategy, we will assist you in scouting the right partners, which will help you foster your innovative product on your target markets.

  • Proposal fine-tuning, evaluation and submission

We will take care of the final steps of the project and will verify the integrity of the whole application , and, finally, we will make sure your application is correctly submitted.

  • Pitch training

We help our customers to develop a right set of pitch and presentation skills, in order to boost the success of their presentation in front of the European Commission.